Gumbaynggirr Dreaming

Giinagay ngujawiny! - Hello everyone!
Welcome to Gumbaynggirr jagun, our homeland. 
We pay our respects to Gumbaynggirr jagun and all Gumbaynggirr people.

About us

Uncle Micklo is a Gumbaynggirr man and knowledge holder of the area. He is an expert in Gumbaynggirr language and culture and keen to share his knowledge with you all. His wife Ilka has a thorough background in education (MEd). She is a dedicated Yoga Teacher and shamanic practitioner. 

What we do

Gumbaynggirr Dreaming aims to inspire people and to connect them to land, culture and muya (spirit). We teach language, culture, song and yoga in a fun and playful manner and can't wait to see you on country.

Our projects

At the moment we are still in the making. However, we aim to bring projects to you that are related to country and culture, movement, language and song. More is coming soon. 

Regular Classes with Gawa Micklo

Language, Story, Song

Every Monday in Bellingen 4pm to 6pm

By donation - All welcome!