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Yoga with Ilka

"Ilka Schroeder is a yoga teacher with a difference. With her gentle humour and positive manner she never places herself above the student, but takes you along for a wonderful ride into a flow of powerful poses. At the end of the session you emerge so relaxed with your whole body smiling and you feel like you could do it all over again!"   -   Jan Cornall, Sydney

"Ilka has found her calling as a yoga teacher. She uses humour, clear explanations, and her singing voice to take yoga novices to places they have never expected to go. She managed to make yoga both fun and spiritual, and her use of the Sanskrit words took our session to another dimension. Doing yoga as a group of writers, I felt that this helped to bond us, and also to ground us for the day ahead. Outdoor yoga was a revelation, with a sense of being part of nature. She has made me want to continue with yoga, and has given me basic tools to do this. She is very patient and never pushes anyone beyond their capabilities, yet inspires people to try so much more than they thought that they were capable of."   -   Ailsa Thom, Glasgow

"I met Ilka at Alpen Retreat in Tirol, Austria and was fortunate enough to having had my very first AcroYoga experience and fully trusting into flying with her! I was deeply touched by her dynamic Vinyasa classes, which always demonstrated a clear concept. Ilka took us though her classes in a playful and trustworthy manner always with a smile on her face. Through Ilka I discovered my personal love for chanting mantra. Wonderfull! I am very grateful for this encounter."   -   Jill Dessen, Tirol